Tickets to Bonaire

Getting to Bonaire is easy. Saying goodbye is hard.

Traveling from North America, South America, Canada and Europe to Bonaire. There are several flights between Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire, so all flights to Aruba and Curacao are suitable for Bonaire as well!

Direct flights to Bonaire


Arkefly Tuesday & Thursday Amsterdam
Continental Saturday Houston
Continental Sunday Houston
Continental Sunday Newark
Delta Saturday JFK / Atlanta
Insel Air Weekly Miami
Insel Air Weekly Charlotte (North Carolina)
Insel Air Weekly San Juan
Insel Air Weekly Kingston
Insel Air Weekly Paramaribo
Insel Air Weekly Port au Prince
Delta Friday & Saturday Atlanta
KLM 7 x a week Amsterdam

Flying birds Bonaire

From island to island:

DAE Daily Aruba / Curacao
Divi Divi Daily Curacao
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Daily Curacao (+599 796-3939)
Insel Air Daily Curacao, Aruba
Tiara 3 x a week Aruba

Flights to Curacao:

Aeropostal Daily Bogota
Air Berlin Wednesday Dusseldorf
Air Jamaica 2 x a week Montego Bay / Kingston
Alitalia weekly Italy
American Air Daily Miami
Arkefly 4 x a week Amsterdam
Avianca Daily Sao Paulo / Rio de Janeiro
Continental Saturday Atlanta
DAE Daily Caracas / Valencia
Delta Saturday Atlanta
Insel Air Daily Caracas
Insel Air Daily Valencia
Insel Air Daily las Piedras
Insel Air Daily Medellin
Insel Air Daily Bogota
KLM Daily Amsterdam
Martinair Daily Amsterdam
Varig 2 x a week Brasilia

Flights to Aruba:

American Air Daily Miami
American Air 2 x a week New York
Continental Daily Newark
Continental Saturday Houston
Canjet Weekly Toronto
Caribair 4 x a week Santo Domingo
Delta 3 x a week Atlanta
Delta Saturday New York
JetBlue Daily New York
Spirit Airways Weekly Fort Lauderdale
Surinam Airways 2 x a week Miami
US Airways Daily Charlotte
US Airways 2 x a week Philadelphia
US Airways Saturday Boston