Yoga and Dive Package Bonaire

Yoga & Diving What happens when you put these two together?? The unique combination of connecting Yoga with Diving is NEW throughout the whole world!

Nowadays, almost everybody is known with the term Yoga: an ancient study from India which tells you how you can relax body & mind with meditation, breathing exercises and concentration. Also the term diving won’t be new to most people.

  • Through diving, one can experience a moving meditative state. A sense of peace and connectedness with nature as you float silently, weightless in the blue, only hearing the sound of your own breath…
  • Yoga promotes deep, intense breathing and teaches you how to calm your mind. The breathing skills we learn in Yoga will help us to breathe better underwater and improving our air-consumption up to double the amount of a normal dive!
  • You’ll also learn how to refine your buoyancy through breathing properly underwater and being relaxed. So Yoga teaches us how to relax consciously!


When taught together, diving & yoga can open you up to different worlds, both inner & outer! Please contact us for more info / free introduction dive.

Yoga and Dive Package Bonaire



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