Along the road from Jato Baco to Rooi Lamoenchi, in the Santa Catarina area, this lot of nearly 5.2 acres acres (2.1 hectares) is located. With a location both close to the coast and with a direct connection to Kralendijk, and yet surrounded by nature, this is an ideal place for many uses.

Release your imagination and think of all the possibilities this lot has to offer!

Currently, the lot is largely covered with vegetation, but it can easily be cleaned up. The surface underneath the vegetation is flat and, as far as is known, contains no defects.

The current destination according to the Bonaire Spatial Development Plan (‘ROB’) is “Agricultural – Kunuku” (‘kunuku’ is the local term for countryside). Due to the lot size, it is very suitable for various sorts of agricultural and/or horticultural activities. But the ROB also, under certain conditions, allows the construction of a home.


Kunuku Santa Catarina Bonaire for Sale
Santa Catarina Bonaire for Sale



Property Type:


Kunuku Santa Catarina



Private land


Total ground area:
Sq Ft



$ 314,475
Sales prices are excluding buyers costs



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