SUP rental

What’s SUP?

A fun and trendy water sport to try on the beautiful blue waters of Bonaire! Stand Up Paddle boarding, also called SUP or Supping, is a perfect way to enjoy the calm and crystal clear waters of Bonaire. Instead of lying down, like for example on a surfboard,  with supping you are standing on the board and move through the water with a paddle. While supping you use about 95% of you muscles because you’re constantly correcting your balance. Fun and a workout at the same time!

Everyone can learn how to paddle board, it is a great activity for everyone. Sup gained its popularity because of its fun and relaxing nature. Of course the first time standing on a board might be a little tricky, finding your balance and staying on the board, but as soon as you mastered your balance skills, you will glide through the water like a true master!
And if you do fall off, who cares? It’s refreshing and the board is attached to your ankle with a leash so it won’t drift away!

Rent a paddle board for a day for only $35
Want to have it for the whole week at your (oceanfront) accommodation? That’s possible! Ask us about our weekly prices!