Weather Conditions on Bonaire

 The Caribbean island Bonaire has proven to be a prime destination for divers, windsurfers, and kite-boarders from all over the world. Due to its southern location in the Caribbean Sea, with the hurricane belt at a safe distance, you can easily say that Bonaire is a year-round destination for any outdoor activity.

The rain season officially lasts from December through February. In this period, the island receives some short but heavy showers. Mostly during the night or morning, almost never days in a row.
September and October are usually the hottest months of the year. The normally steady and cooling tradewinds can be less during these months.

With an average air temperature of around 86 F (30 Celsius), the sea temperature a constant 84 F (28 C) and an underwater visibility of at least 100 Feet (30 meters), you’ll never throw cold water on your Bonaire vacation. The crystal clear unpolluted sea that surrounds Bonaire guarantees breathtaking views over huge stretches of untouched coral. Add to that a hardly noticeable current and you have the perfect holiday destination to get your divers open water certification. It’s ideal for beginners as well as for advanced scuba divers interested in wreck diving, night-diving or “wild” diving on the rougher eastern coast.

Beside its popularity as a scuba diving destination, Bonaire has gained world fame with windsurfers and kite surfers. Formed by nature, a huge reef-protected enclosed bay on the eastern coast, known as Lac Bay, offers shallow water and a constant landward breeze for perfect windsurfing conditions without the risk of being blown out to open water.