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Dive Shop

It may come as no surprise that the majority of our guests are all active scuba divers, enjoying Bonaire’s diving freedom. The island’s fringing reefs are easily accessible which makes it a great  shore diving destination. SunRentals Bonaire offers you the convenience of an on-site dive shop, hosted by Buddy Dive.  Our multilingual staff can provide you with everything you need for diving:  Air and Nitrox tanks, a fully equipped rental area, rinse tank, gear locker, dive courses and guided dives. We are here to offer you our expert advice and answer all your diving questions!

At Bonaire Oceanfront Apartments you are just a few steps away from the house reef – the perfect place to start your diving adventures.  After that you can start exploring the islands’ beautiful underwater world: shore diving, boat diving, night diving… it’s all possible!  If you book an unlimited Air/Nitrox package, you can dive as much as you like and you get to use the famous Buddy Dive Drive-Thru as well, making tanks very easily available!

For guests who are not staying at the Bonaire Oceanfront Apartments, but who are renting a villa through SunRentals, we offer FREE tank delivery at your vacation villa!

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Dive Packages - Air or Nitrox

Daily - a la carte
Unlimited shore diving $ 40.00
1 tank boat dive & unlimited air $ 60.00
2 tank boat dive & unlimited air $ 87.00
1-tank boat dive if on U/L shore diving $ 30.00
2- tank boat dive if on U/L shore diving $ 54.00

Weekly (6 days)
Unlimited shore diving $ 175.00
Unlimited shore diving 7 days $ 210.00
Unlimited shore diving & 6 boat dives $ 330.00

Dive Equipment Rental

  Daily Weekly Rental
Mask & Snorkel $6 $30
Fins $6 $30
Mask, Snorkel & Fin Set $10 $50
Snorkel Vest $6 $30
B.C. Jacket $13 $65
Regulator with gauges & octopus $13 $65
Dive computer $13 $65
Mesh Bag $3 $15
Wetsuit $13 $65
Dive light (without batteries) $6 $30
Octopus or Gauges $6 $30
Scuba Set (BC, Regulator, Mask, Snorkel, Fins, boots, Wetsuit, Dive computer)    
$45 $225

Tank rentals include use of weights and weight belt. Dive packages will only be sold to certified divers and are not transferable and non-refundable. All rates are in US Dollar.

All around Bonaire you are in a marine park. The Bonaire Marine Park entry fee is $25 per diver or $10 per snorkeler.  You get a tag, which is your admission to the marine park and your contribution to the protection of our wonderful island.  These tags are mandatory and valid for a whole calendar year.

Divers are required to follow a brief dive orientation at the on-site dive shop to inform you on the marine park rules, get you your dive tags and of course to get you into the water and diving as soon as possible!