Once a visitor, Always a friend

A guest blog from German lifestyle and travel blogger Palina Kozyrava.

Bonaire is part of the ABC Islands and geographically belongs to the small Antilles. Politically it is a special municipality of the Netherlands. It extends over 288 square kilometers & by car you need about 40 minutes from one end to the other. About 18,000 people live permanently on the island. After spending some time in Aruba we were looking for a change and found it on Bonaire. The island is completely different from its neighbor and has fascinated us in its very own way right from the beginning.

Bonaire is suitable for people who don’t just want to go on vacation, but are explorers themselves wanting to experience this jewel in the Caribbean. The rough nature with its high cliffs, the deep sea and the crystal clear water is particularly fascinating. On Bonaire you feel very free and have the feeling that the island is a big adventure that is just waiting to be experienced.

Bonaire has its very own vibe: A bit hippie, a bit rough & a bit of freedom. Everything together creates a unique and lovely atmosphere.

The capital of the island is more of a village but wonderfully bustling and colorful. The main street with its colorful houses is just perfect for a walk and on the promenade you can enjoy the sunset and sip a cocktail. Many nice restaurants and souvenir shops can be found in the center and there is always something going on in the city!

Bonaire is a world famous divers paradise. Almost nowhere else is diving as great as on the island. Everywhere on the road you will find yellow stones that serve as a sign of a great diving spot. In most cases, you can then just park on the side of the road, go to the beach and explore the underwater world.

If you prefer the world above the water, an exciting surfer scene awaits you on Bonaire. At Surfers Beach in the east of the island young (strikingly pretty) people meet to kitesurf together.

The park was the highlight of the island for me. I can’t remember seeing such steep cliffs and such a wild sea. As soon as you get out of the car, small lizards circle you and pristine beaches and viewpoints form a picturesque scenery. The drive through the park is adventurous and a real experience and you should definitely plan 4-5 hours in order to be able to discover everything here.

As I said, Bonaire is an adventure. That’s why we didn’t miss the chance to discover one of the centuries-old caves with a guide from Outdoor Bonaire. After a short climb you end up in the eternal darkness of the cave and follow the guide through the water to places that have never seen the daylight. There are animals living down there that get by completely without light and if you sit down very calmly in the water, turn off the light of the flashlight and the darkness envelops you, then small shrimp will carefully nibble on your feet. Fascinating that life exists in this unreal place. I’ve never experienced such a dark place before and for me it was a scary and at the same time incredibly exciting experience that, while pushing me emotionally to my limits, left an equally lasting impression on me. Great recommendation!

Bonaire has some very nice restaurants that are always busy. We’ve been to some cool places and can recommend them all – it’s best to google the menus in advance and see what you like. Here are my favorites:

For the first days we lived in a rented house which always has the advantage of great privacy. You can live there with friends, share the costs and cook for yourself, as well as live rather independently. Bonaire is not lacking any luxury: Many wealthy people have fulfilled their dream of a holiday home in paradise there.

We stayed in a villa from Sun Rentals Bonaire, which was in a fantastic location and has a large pool. Fun fact: A friendly and trusting iguana lives in the garden, whom (or she?: D) I called Mariella and has often visited us ;). In addition, a group of small parrots always visited us at sunset, which made us very happy as we are crazy animal lovers.


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