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Peter van Dusseldorp

I’ve always had the dream to live on a Caribbean island. In 2015 I made the move to the beautiful island Bonaire and have been here since. After working in the hospitality industry in The Netherlands for several years it was time for a new challenge, to become a dive instructor! For a little more than 4 years I worked as a dive instructor and manager of a dive shop, learning all the best spots and tropical fish on the island!

Since I met Eef, we dreamed of having our own business and at the end of 2019 we got the opportunity to take over the business where Eef had been working for the past 3 years.
As of February 1st 2020 we are the proud new owners of Sunrentals Bonaire, an incredible and exciting new opportunity!
The personal contact and a high level of service is important for me. You can rent a villa or apartment everywhere, but that little extra service can make your holiday unforgettable!

We didn’t just fall in love with each other, but also with the island. We try to share our passion of the island with you from undiscovered small beaches to the best restaurants!

Bon Bini na Boneiru! (Welcome to Bonaire!)

Eef de Bruin

Ready for a new adventure, I decided to pack my bags and move to Bonaire. This was in 2015. My motto was: I’ll stay as long as I like it. As I write this, it is 5 years later, and I can’t imagine moving back to The Netherlands anytime soon. What a great island!

Since my first job experience as a teenager I fell in love with the hospitality industry. Being part of making your experience unforgettable is what I like most about it. No surprise that I started to study Hotel Management in 2008. After several amazing jobs in hotels in The Netherlands and abroad, I learned about SunRentals in 2017. During my 3 years of working for SunRentals, I experienced the field of vacation rentals and private accommodations. How amazing was the offer of Family Cieremans to follow in their footsteps and take over their business that they worked on for 20 years! With even more passion and enthusiasm, I will be welcoming you at one of our accommodations! See you soon!

Renée Oost

Almost 10 years ago I got the chance to work in a resort on Bonaire and since day one I fell in love with the island: the daily sun, crystal clear Caribbean sea, relaxed habitants and the beautiful culture. Once I returned to the Netherlands, where I was born, the love for Bonaire remained. And that’s why I (finally!) booked a one way ticket to Bonaire in April 2021 to go on a new adventure. It’s one of my best decisions ever.

In the previous years I have already worked in the hospitality industry. I had some amazing jobs in hotels in the Netherlands and on Bonaire, where I tried to contribute to an unforgettable stay of our guests.

At SunRentals Bonaire I have the same goal: together with Peter & Eef I really want to take care of your worries and do the best I can to make sure you have a fantastic stay on ‘dushi Boneiru’. Hopefully, you fall in love with Bonaire the same as we did!

Like the Bonairian say: once a visitor, always a friend!

Renée Oost - Short term rental manager
Anne van den Brule - Rental agent

Anne van den Brule

In August 2022 I decided to finally take the big leap and move out of the Netherlands. I’ve had the dream to work abroad for several years, and now that the company I worked for had to close it was the perfect time for me to actually do it.

Whilst mainly working with animals over the past 10 years, I’ve always enjoyed the hospitality side of that. Making sure not only the animal is happy, but the owner goes home with a smile on their face as well. I spend a lot of my free time on the island taking care of stray animals and helping wherever I can to make their lives more enjoyable.

I hope all of our guests get to experience the beauty of this island, not only in it’s nature but mostly in it’s capability to make everybody more relaxed. I know I have become a lot more layed back since I moved here, and hope to hold on to that feeling for the rest of my life. The ‘ Island-vibes’, as we call it here, are truly good for everybody.

I look forward to doing everything I can to give you the best Bonaire experience possible together with Peter, Eef, and Renée!

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