Bonaire Entry Tax

Bonaire’s Tourism Entry tax

July 1, 2022 – Bonaire Entry Tax

Per July 1, 2022, visitors will be required to pay a tourist entry tax of $75 per person, per visit to Bonaire.

This is not a new tax. It is simply replacing what was formerly known as tourist tax (or Room tax) and car rental tax. It was previously collected directly through accommodations and providers.

The Entry Tax will apply to all non-residents 13 and older entering Bonaire. Non-residents 12 and under and residents of the former Netherlands Antilles arriving to the island will be required to pay a $10 per visit fee.

This mandatory tax can be paid digitally via an online platform or upon arrival at the airport.

The funds from the tax are invested to support education, infrastructure, tourism development and sustainability initiatives on the island.

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More information

More information about the entry tax can be found on

After online payment of the entry tax, you will receive a QR code. Show this QR code upon arrival at Flamingo airport and you are ready to enter the island! If you haven’t been able to pay online, you can still do this upon arrival at the airport.

Important to note:

The Stinapa Nature Fee is not included in the Visitor Entry Tax. Visitors and non-residents who want to make use of Bonaire’s Marine Park for Scuba Diving and or other (marine) park activities, are required to purchase a Nature Fee. For additional information about Nature Fee or to purchase a Nature Fee, please visit

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