Bonaire’s Nature

The people on Bonaire care about the beautiful unspoiled nature of the island, and they like to keep it the way it is. Read below a few highlights about Bonaire’s nature!

Divi Divi Tree

‘’Our’’ Divi Divi Tree or Watapana only grows on the ABC Islands! It is almost like a national symbol for Bonaire, Aruba and Curacao.

An amazing fact is that it grows with the wind, and as the wind almost always comes from the east, they all grow the same direction!

The Brandaris

The Brandaris is the Mount Everest of Bonaire; this mountain is 241meters high and also the highest point of the island. The Brandaris is located in the national park and open for public to hike. On a clear day you can even see Curacao when on top of the Brandaris. But even without seeing Curacao, the view is magical! Our tip when hiking the Brandaris? Take your picnic basket with you, and enjoy a nice lunch on top of the Brandaris, you will love it!

Aloe Vera

These days you will find a lot of Aloe Vera products in the stores, from drinks to creams, it’s al there! On Bonaire we are so lucky! We have the Aloe Vera plant growing all over the island. And the good thing about it, it is 100% natural and it helps against almost everything. Sunburned? Rash? Cut a piece of Aloe Vera and put it on, it surely helps.


It’s spectacular and fun to watch, a blow hole! There are several blow holes on the island, at Washington Slagbaai you will definitely see them! Especially on the more windy days, the waves will crash into the island spraying water all over! With a good timing, you have the perfect instagram photo! Don’t get too close though!!

Besides the above mentioned highlights, there is of course much more that you shouldn’t miss. For example the Goto lake, salt flats, the rough east coast and the caves on Bonaire. Our beautiful nature is one of the things you will love. If you did not see it with your own eyes, it’s time to come and visit our lovely island. We at SunRentals would be more than happy to set up your perfect holiday, for more information you can send us an email at We hope to see you soon!

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