Latest update on Covid and traveling to Bonaire

BON BINI! WELCOME! Everyone can now enter Bonaire with only a negative PCR test result and a completed health declaration form. Travelers from High Risk Countries are required to do a antigen test in addition to the PCR test.

Still very few cases of Covid on Bonaire!

Today March 2, 2021, Bonaire has 25 cases of COVID on the island. After a short spike following the Holidays, Bonaire managed for the second time to get the situation under control. While tourists and residents are still practicing social distancing and additional hygiene, there are very little other measures that would affect your stay on Bonaire. All restaurants are open, casino’s are open and all activity providers are back in business!

For all our accommodations, we have safety and hygiene protocols in place. We will keep our distance, but as you are used from us, we are always in for a chat and would love to meet you personally. (If a “no-contact stay” is desired, that is of course respected and also possible). Our housekeeping team will clean and sanitize your accommodation thoroughly with special attention for frequently touched areas.

Everyone is welcome on Bonaire! What are the entry requirements?

UPDATE March 2, 2021: Everyone from around the world is welcome on Bonaire. There are a few entry requirements: a negative PCR test and a completed Health Declaration Form.  An additional antigentest 4 hours before departure is required for high risk countries. High risk countries are: USA, Canada, Dominican Republic and The Netherlands.

The Netherlands has declared every country in the world as ‘Code Orange’. This has nothing to do with the situation on Bonaire itself, but is meant to discourage Dutch citizens to travel at all. The flights from Amsterdam with KLM and TUI are still arriving on Bonaire on a regular basis.  With a ticket and separate accommodation booked, you are able to visit Bonaire. Only vacation packages are cancelled with TUI.
There is no mandatory quarantine on Bonaire or when you come back in home in The Netherlands. There is also no new PCR test or antigen test needed to fly back to The Netherlands. Bonaire is seen as low risk area and therefor exempt from this rule. More information can be found on For other countries, check your own government’s rules for correct and up to date information about re-entry your own country.

PCR or antigen testing is possible on Bonaire
If your country requires a PCR or antigen test before departure back home, this is possible on Bonaire. BonLab and Bon Bida Cure offer those tests.

How to get to Bonaire

European guests:
You can fly from The Netherlands to Bonaire with KLM or TUI. Until March, TUI has cancelled all vacation packages, but with a ticket only you can still fly to Bonaire.

Canadian guests:
Unfortunately there are no direct flights from Canada to Bonaire this winter season.

USA guests:
From Miami to Bonaire:  American Airlines, first flight is scheduled for April 7, 2021
From New York to Bonaire: United Airlines (Newark), starting June 2021
From Houston to Bonaire: United Airlines, starting June 2021
From Atlanta to Bonaire: Delta Airlines, starting June 2021

If you come from the USA and can’t wait to visit Bonaire, there is a possibility to fly via Curacao or Aruba! They offer the antigen test at the airport during your transit time.


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