Travel Voucher

Who would you like to take to Bonaire? Or are you living on Bonaire and would you like to surprise someone with a staycation on your own island?

Give your loved one, your parents, your friend or dear colleague a present which they don’t expect: a TRAVEL VOUCHER! You choose the amount which can be applied to ALL accommodations that SunRentals Bonaire has to offer!



We know that many of you love Bonaire and would like to be here right now. Bonaire is hit hard by this crisis and there is a way you can support us and the economy of Bonaire! You can buy a travel voucher now and travel to Bonaire any time until December 31 2021! For every voucher purchased we donate 10% of the value to the Bonaire food bank!

Terms and conditions:
  • Voucher must be (digitally) presented at time of booking
  • Voucher can be applied to any SunRentals vacation accommodation
  • Voucher is transferable. SunRentals must be informed about the name of the recipient
  • The name on the voucher and voucher number must correspond with our administration
  • You can choose the value of the voucher. If the reservation exceeds this amount, the difference must be paid to SunRentals
  • The voucher is not refundable or exchangable for cash
  • Reservations are based upon availability

Order Your Travel Voucher

  • Write here which amount in US $ you would like to put on the voucher
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